Mikayla’s House of Hope

Kimberly McAliley- Millner

Founder of Mikayla’s House of Hope.

I’m Kimberly McAliley- Millner, Founder of Mikayla’s House of Hope.

My loving and supportive husband and CFO, Frederick Millner is my best friend and I am grateful for his partnership in Life, ministry and business. We are the parents of our wonderful Son Alexander Josiah, who we were blessed with through adoption.

Being an adopting parent I’ve had the opportunity to be an advocate and spokesperson for The Alliance for Children’s Rights, A Home for the Holidays, All for the Love of Kids, and Child Share, now Foster all.

I’ve always had a desire to reach out to young ladies in the foster care system, especially those that age out and are in transitional housing. God put it on my heart the need to create an environment to be a blessing to many girls with a safe place to  call home.

Who We Are

The Vision of Mikayla’s House of Hope was inspired by Kimberly's desire to have a daughter. Through "The Tiara and Tea Affair” her former tea party business, she had the opportunity to host young ladies from Optimist youth homes & family services. At this event they enjoyed motivational speaking that encouraged and inspired music, fashion and learned the etiquette of an afternoon tea

Mikayla’s House of Hope is place where the lives of young ladies aging out and emancipating from foster care would be Mentored, Encouraged, Inspired and Empowered

It's a place where we restore hope, values and peace in their lives in a safe place to grow and thrive and make a meaningful impact in society .

Frederick Millner


Has a heart for those that age out of Foster Care, being one that aged out of Foster Care himself fortunately had a plan that allowed him a chance to create a life for himself and now his Wife and adopted son. (Jeremiah 29:11). Unlike so many other young people that may not be afforded opportunities to better themselves after aging out of Foster Care, Kimberly and Frederick teamed up to birth MHH a dream of Kimberly to help young ladies that age out of Foster Care.As a 30 year plus 1dayRetired Army Veteran, along with working for the Department of Defense Army for over 32 years, Frederick has many years of experience in Human Resources and Finances in helping Soldiers in their personnel/finances needs. He brings life experiences and his many years assisting Soldiers. Frederick brings to the table a heart to help those that age out of the Foster Care system, Assisting the Founder Kimberly in what ever she needs for MHH to be a success in meeting the needs of those young ladies that need assistance, guidance and love.

Julie D. Harbour

Board of Directors

As a native of Los Angeles, Julie has extensive background working as a liaison to Board of Directors/Leadership Councils and Sub Committees for over 29 years. Her background also includes volunteer management and event planning. She has a passion for empowering females of all ages to be the best version of themselves as they navigate their lives emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Julie currently lives in Palmdale, California with her husband Kevin and is a mother (bonus and bio) to 6 children and grandmother to 3 little girls

Joyce Smith

Community Outreach Advisor

Joyce is no stranger to outreach. She has served in ministry feeding the homeless, visiting and ministering at convalescent homes, as well assisting in counseling a group of young ladies. At present Joyce serves in her Church. She serves on the prayer team as well as supports the Pastoral staff when needed. She has a heart for community and strongly believes that this where she is called to serve. She has a heart of gold that nurtures and encourages. She’s demonstrated that as she’s raised her grandchildren from babies to young adults and has helped them walk through their lives without their parents being present. Through Mikayla’s House of Hope Joyce will continue to fulfill her purpose of serving the young g ladies that come through our doors.

Cynthia Watts

Board of Directors

Cynthia Ann Watts and her husband in 1998 decided to Foster to adopt. Doing the process Cynthia and her husband decided to research the process of adoption and realized that a lot of kids needed a forever home filled with love. Cynthia realized that a lot of young ladies aging out of Foster Care with no opportunities for success and wanted to personally be involved with an organization that could Facilitate opportunities. When Kimberly spoke with Cynthia regarding the Heart of MHH, Cynthia realized that she had to be apart. . With the heart of being involved Cynthia hopes to bring her experience after raising 3 girls, 1 natural and 2 adopted of her passion to help guide other young ladies in giving them hopes and dreams to become their BEST self.

Tameka Goring

Board of Directors

Shameka’s passion and excitement to serve comes from her personal experience of homelessness. She dealt with being mistreated and misjudged at a time when she needed someone to care and show her empathy. Tameka has previously worked for a nonprofit downtown Los Angeles called The Union Rescue Mission. She worked there as a Case Manager and found her passion in working with young ladies that had aged out of foster care and ended up at their homeless shelter. As a Mother of 2, and having a daughter the same age as these young ladies she ‘d see coming off the hard streets of skid row really tugged on her heart. Since then she’s desired to start a housing program of her own, to be able to support, guide and encourage these beautiful young souls along their life journey. When the Vision of Mikayla’s House of Hope was shared with her, she knew she had to get involved.

What We Do

Our Goal is to significantly improve the lives of emancipated foster girls, by reducing homelessness through the provision of stable housing and supportive life changing mentorship that will equip them with sustainable life skills.

What We Provide

We are continually partnering with community, and government agencies  and seek additional funding through private donations, fund raisers, and grants to provide the residents and resources.

We strive to bring awareness and advocacy to the need of resources and support these young ladies.

Partner For The Journey

It only takes a mind shift to want to make a change. and you can help!!

Founder's Message


It's Easy to ride the fence when you are asked to provide physical assistance and care, however if that's not your thing you can still support with your resources and donations come join us as we make a difference in deserving young lady's lives

Kimberly McAliley- Millner
Founder, Mikayla’s House of Hope
Your Support Is Needed


A little Love can change a life and move a mountain

Help Make our girls journey safe, informative and beneficial.

Your Support Is Needed